August 2018 Update

Welcome to our Home Page Blog. This is the place we share information and update the community with all that is going on.

Many changes are taking place. Trees have been trimmed back to be less invasive during heavy weather. They no longer hang over the roofs, balconies, or pose an opportunity to crash through windows.

Our first kayak rack is operational.  A second one will be added in the next few months. Gary Muhs in Maintenance is able to build them at a much lower cost than we could purchase. They are anchored in the ground to prevent movement in heavy weather.  As with anything, there is always a potential for theft. Please secure your watercraft.  The association is not responsible for any vandalism or theft of private property.  We will be looking into the cost to add a surveillance security system throughout the property as an additional security level to all residents and guests.

Other future projects include:

  • a basketball arena with a quarter-court arrangement within our tennis court area;
  • a couple of barbeque units. Many would like to grill but according to Association rules, National Fire Code and reasons put forth in our insurance policies they are not allowed within our individual units. These will be placed in communal areas.  With this comes the requirement that everyone must clean up after themselves and follow rules of use.
  • By-laws are being updated and that process will begin very soon.
  • Annual Meeting will be coming up very soon, watch your email and this page for ongoing news.
  • We will be opening discussions upon the needed Structure, Concrete and Deck issues before us.

Vandalism and malicious mischief continue to be an issue in the pool area.  Damage was done and needless to say cleaning and disinfecting was in order. This harmful activity is a violation against all of us as owners.  PLEASE if you witness strange behavior please report it to me or call 911.  The Board WILL PROSECUTE anyone defacing, demeaning and/or damaging Canaveral Bay Property.

We would like to return the hours of use to 7:30am till 8:30pm. This cannot happen with the current problems we are experiencing. We are looking at changing the keyed entry to a pass-card system along with a surveillance security system.  This will allow the Board to monitor and know that ONLY Canaveral Bay Residents are using our facilities.

So, in conclusion, please note this is our 2ndnewsletter, our first website, and we are here to serve our membership of Canaveral Bay. Our finances are improving and our reserves are adequate barring the structure matters. The Wind Mitigation reports are almost complete, a few more photos are needed demonstrating compliance with Florida Law. This should be complete and available here on the website by month end.

The Grounds are looking superb, Gary has been busy, painted and updated the fire water lines, the waste receptacle areas have been clean and stained, the electric/phone risers have been cleaned and are in process of painting. Trees trimmed, grass mown, the Mangroves are cut and clean.


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